The Last Victim: A True-Life Journey Into the Mind of the Serial Killer. Jason Moss , Author, Jeffrey A. Kottler, PH., Prologue by, Jeffrey A. Kottler, PH., Afterword by. The Last Victim has ratings and reviews. Eighteen-year-old honor student Jason Moss wrote to men whose body counts had made criminal history: . 4 May Poison pen pals. ‘The Last Victim: A True-Life Journey Into the Mind of the Serial Killer’ by Jason Moss with Jeffrey Kottler, Ph.D. Warner Books.

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To view it, click here. Slap your forehead as he doesn’t learn a thing from it.

I do have to hand it to him for actually getting a response letter out of Charlie Manson, but beyond t The author describes the most stupid experiment in profiling ever attempted. He wrote a book about his project and its effects, co-authored with counseling professor Jeffrey Kottler, and published in as The Last Victim: He thought that gaining the trust of a serial killer, possibly learning more about their jaon crimes or unsolved murders, was a way to distinguish himself as a job candidate.

Although he experienced some success, amassing a disturbing collection of documents–including detailed sexual prose from Jeffrey Dahmer, disjointed ramblings from Charles Manson, and awkward, violent illustrations from “Night Stalker” Richard Ramirez–his laast relationship was always with Gacy, whom he eventually visited in prison, where even the unflappable Moss learned fear.

The book was creepy enough. This stupid kid does go visit Gacy, and it’s one of the more disturbing set of chapters in the book.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The only thing that really bothered me about the story was the way the author knowingly used his family, especially his younger brother, to achieve his goal in getting to know, personally, the likes of John Wayne Gacy, Charles Manson and Richard Ramirez.

He builds small friendships with some, but none as deep and twisted as the one he develops with Gacy. He told his brother to write a letter to John Wayne Gacy even though he knew by then how Gacy could not stop talking about sex and preferably incest. Within a few months, Moss was corresponding regularly with all these human manifestations of evil, each of whom wanted something jasoj from him. To Rameriz he claimed he was the leader of a Satanic cult who worshiped Rameriz about as much as they worshiped Satan, and by the way, “my girlfriend wants you to beat the shit out of her.

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The vcitim became a bestseller, selling 76, copies in its first 10 weeks. Jason Moss, at age 18, as a high school senior, decided to write a bunch of serial killers. The tone of the writing is jarring. Nonfiction Group Read Psychology: Moss asserted that he became Gacy’s “last victim” during their face-to-face meeting.

Slowly but surely Jason was taken into his confidence.

Jason Moss (writer)

This book was an emotional ride especially since I leaned that the author committed suicide. For instance, who cares about his relationship with his girlfriend? Jan 13, Clarissa Cochran rated it it was amazing. In fact, Moss concludes his book by admitting he suffers recurring nightmares about the killers he corresponded with and is afraid all the time and finds it hard to trust anyone.

The Last Victim: A True-Life Journey into the Mind of the Serial Killer

Moss researched what would most interest each subject, and cast himself in the role of disciple, admirer, surrogate, or potential victim.

This two-day, person-to-person visit was equal parts gross and vicrim. Mar 19, Clare rated it it was amazing Shelves: I was most surprised by Dahmer responding. Gacy, and it made the discovery of what he done throughout the book very intense for me.

He was one of these ‘golden children’, who excelled both in school work rhe sports. When he receives a letter back, he is elated! It also provoked genuine eye rolling at times – as in, I literally found myself tssking and sending my eyes heavenwards in exasperation.

Jason is a college kid who finds some true crime books in a bookstore one day jsaon Holy Freaking Smokes!!

In his book, Moss explored the development of his correspondence with Gacy, shortly before the killer was executed. John Wayne Gacy revealed all to Jason — and invited his pen pal to visit him in prison One by one they wrote him back, showering him with their madness and violent fantasies. May 10, Heather rated it it was amazing. Sep 01, Laura Gurrin added it Shelves: I did not expect that and the weird thing he killed himself on June 6 so ? Listened to in audio format. In a paperback edition was released, and also made the New York Times bestseller list.

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As heavy satanic studies were part of his strategy to get into the mind of Richard Ramirez, it makes me wonder if he ever really recovered from his relationships with these men.

Mar 13, Ruth Turner rated it liked it Shelves: He has a fascinating and morbid story to tell, and it ties into the sensational and lurid details of those who murder in the most dramatic, disturbing and depraved way.

The fact the author created personas that acted as bait to draw them out and then hearing the killers own words from their letters offer a unique insight into their mindsets and mosss. Best-selling author of book on serial killers kills himself. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Jun 25, Taylor rated it it was ok. I was shocked had how much influence and power that Gacy exerted over his environment.

Take pause when you learn of his subsequent suicide, but can’t allow that to color the fact that this is a lousy book. The smugness of the writing and his actions are understandable given that he was at the time, but he’s still a really offputting character. Jason Mo American attorney and author of a book about serial killers. In his book Moss said that he had been interested in a career with the FBI.

So far this book is pretty disturbing. Jan 22, Fishface rated it liked it Shelves: It was extremely dangerous, even though those these men were behind bars, and Gacy in cuffs when Moss visited.

The author spends an awful lot of time giving us his conversations with his mother, which is about as interesting as you’d imagine–especially if you picked up the book to specifically read about his correspondence and sometimes even meetings with serial killers, particularly John Wayne Gacy.