I grew up in the fifties, with a mother whose expectations for me didn’t go beyond wanting me to be a good girl. She urged me to get a college degree in. Wifey by Judy Blume – book cover, description, publication history. 9 Jun Judy Blume’s novel Wifey is not her usual fare. Obviously as an adult fiction book it is automatically set apart from how we all knew her in our.

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Sandy grabbed onto the nightstand and tugged her arm free. Since she was primarily judg French teacher, I’m assuming they weren’t her personal suggestions or anything, just titles she’d found listed somewhere and typed up and mimeographed.

But this is no children’s book! And OMG Blume sexts.

Sandy starts to get confused about what she wants and then discovers evidence that maybe Norman has been having a long term affair. As a character in the book said: I liked that Blume never inserted herself heh into the narrative: Sandy is sexually repressed and very unhappy in her role as a wifey. This book was written in and I thought it would have more rebellion.

When her kids are away at summer camp she decides to explore the possibilities for an extra-marital affair. You won’t enjoy this one if you don’t take it as a form of humor, and you have to remember that not much is really going to happen action wise.

After three months and who knows how many glazed donuts, I gave up my office and moved back home to write the book. Or just for fun. The great thing about Judy Blume is that she is dramatic but fair.

Wifey by Judy Blume · OverDrive (Rakuten OverDrive): eBooks, audiobooks and videos for libraries

All in one book! View all wifeh comments. I really enjoy reading steaming sexy stories. However, the characters were also multi-faceted, and my feelings about them changed several times throughout the book.

At the very least this book made me happy to be alive and married in not Published September 6th by Berkley first published She could be making friends at the club, like her husband keeps encouraging her to do.


During a sexual encounter, Wifey lays there and describes a ” cock dancing inside me.

With more than four million copies sold, Wifey is Judy Blume’s hilarious, moving tale of a woman who trades in her conventional wifely duties for her wildest fantasies-and learns a lot about life along the way.

She attempts to gain this More by having more sex with more men. It was racy, often sexy, and dealt with sex and Sandy’s sexual frustration in ways that felt as taboo as the subjects broached in Blume’s YA books did at the time when I read them. Instead, a year or so later when I sat down to start a new book, the story that came tumbling out was about what happens to a suburban New Jersey marriage one summer when a woman named Sandy Pressman begins to question her choices and give in to her fantasies.

One of the other mother’s at school saw that I was reading it and made a comment to my mother, that it was inappropriate for someone my age to be reading “Wifey. She starts having affairs with close friends but she does feel bad about cheating her husband.

You know if someone like Nora Ephron made this book into a movie, Sandy would kick Norman to the curb at the end, steal Shep’s Porsche, and drive off into the sunset with the top down while “I’m Every Woman” or something blasted from the speakers.

She’s unhappy in her marriage and so she just goes about life while nothing happens to her. Tame for an adult, but it had some great imagery that stuck with me.

I do not know when this and Summer Sisters was published, I thought these were older books, but boy does she love to talk about sex.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. I’ll have to add some quotes when I have the book in front of me. However, the characters were also multi-faceted, and my feel This cute story of an unhappy suburban housewife felt like reading Are You There God, It’s Me Margaretor Forever but as an adult.


Its the story of Sandy, a suburban wife and mother, living in New Jersey, dealing with an unfulfilling marriage. At least, that was my experience. Did it change my life? Yet she does little to make any changes, and throughout the book, is acted on rather than acting. The language is a bit rough but yeah. Sandy shrieked and stumbled back.

I know, there are probably well-balanced, happy women out there who gulp down the Romances They just look too trashy.

Sandy vaulted past him into the next room. Our library had a cool self-check-out machine, so I just stashed Wifey in the middle of my stack—I could tell from the cover it was a Book For Grown-Ups—and went about my merry way. What it means, wjfey it affects all of us, what to do about it.

What follows is mainly an wife struggle, even though I thought Sandy was pathetic I liked her narrative voice and enjoyed following her thoughts. I read this book, for the first time, when it came out in the late 70s. Hol Wifey tries hard to be The Awakening. Check out my About Me page for more!

The Baggage of Blumeness: Two Rioters Do WIFEY

Since the POV is Sandy’s, we don’t see what goes on in his head. Judg like an explicit version of something that would happen to Marge Simpson! People magazine shot a photo of me in a lacy teddy.

That’s what bothered me in the end; Wifey doesn’t challenge the reader in any intelligent way.

The Baggage of Blumeness: Two Rioters Do WIFEY

She married her husband at a young age and has two children but she starts to feel unsatisfied with her marriage and their sex life. I was instantly intrigued as I loved many of her books from my childhood. Adults as well as children will recognize such Blume titles as: