Buy Card College Light by Roberto Giobbi – Book: Magic Kits & Accessories – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. 3 Dec Because as wonderful as Roberto’s Card College series is, it is still a his series (5 main volumes and 3 Card College Light volumes) have. Card College Light – Roberto Giobbi This Is Not Your Father’s “Self-Working” Card Book! From the author of Card College, the world’s most.

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Each trick is well written, through with patter and concept and has beautiful artwork, Already an experienced card shark?

View our Frequent Questions. Without these things, all you are left with are mere puzzles. You can spend it on anything you like at Penguin, just like cash. The techniques, concepts and ligth from his series 5 main volumes and 3 Card College Light volumes have been largely culled from classic texts like Royal Road, Expert Card Technique, Dai Vernon’s books and the works of Juan Tamariz.

Card College Light By Roberto Giobbi Book

Once studied and learnt, there is enogh quality material within these pages to perform robert impressive and professional routine. These lessons serve not only the beginner, but also the advanced card-magician who wishes from time to time to include a trick roherto the audience can stare relentlessly at the fingers without discovering a thing. Dec 3, Messages: Card College Lighter Roberto Giobbi’s wrote five classic card magic tuition books Stefmagic Special user Posts.

Giobbi is just a great teacher. Unfortunately, making a decent photocopy of the picture or the list rroberto next to impossible thanks to the way it’s laid out in the book, so you can plan to do a little bit of doctoring on another photograph later if you have the skills or know someone with a baby you can photograph. We’re proud to let you read our mail. The 21 tricks have been compiled into complete routines, each lasting around ten minutes. My advice is to take cardd time with the book and really make sure you have the fundamentals, such as the various grips, down.


PapaG Special user Posts. Countless books on card magic promise tricks that “require no skill” and are “easy to do” or “self-working”. Who are Vanishing Inc. Oct 27, Morgan And West 9. Have a question about this product? Interested in Card College Light?

Every trick can be done with any deck of cards of average quality, and many can be done under all performance conditions, with a borrowed deck and no preparation. Questions about this product. Take xard look at our Return Policy.

Card College Light by Roberto Giobbi – Book

Oct 25, Oct 26, Giobbi has also organized these tricks into powerful routines, which teach the reader how organization and combination can be used to make good tricks even more inextricably baffling. I went to my local 2. From the author of Card Collegethe world’s most acclaimed course on giobb card magic, comes Card College LightRoberto Giobbi’s first text focused entirely on professional caliber card tricks requiring no fiobbi skill.

The Other Brothers Apr 26, Messages: Have a question about this product? Will the other two books also be published? Stone Purse by N.

Card College Light by Roberto Giobbi : Reviews – Books and other printed formats

Card tricks that allow the fingers to remain idle require that their methods be cunningly protected through presentation and psychology, which in turn amplify the feeling of real magic.

A LOT of great, usable material here. They expose the method behind the tricks, but they fail to explain how the tricks are made genuinely amazing. It can also be used independently even if you don’t have the books, and is probably Colelge resource I would point people to if they were looking for a video series to learn the fundamentals of card magic.


If you’re new to card magic, or just looking for some easy tricks, you’ll robeeto take even more away from this book. Despite this, there are some very strong card effects that are very nicely explained and often illustrated through detailed drawings rather than photographs which to be honest I prefer. Thanks Andy Cards never lie. Great DVD, but my be slightly disappointing to some because some of the effects are performance only due to his respect for the original creators.

You may also like: Atucci, please post a review, once you have digested it. It’s in Fiobbi Genes. So, yes, this book is certainly meant for beginners. Jul 15, Messages: No problem – this book contains powerful magic and great concepts – this is not your Dad’s beginner card magic book – this is the Card College Son – you’re about to get schooled!

Card College Light is in a class apart from other books that focus on sleightless card tricks. Let’s not forget Erdnase whoever robertto was and Marlo and all the other giants in magic upon whose shoulders we stand. Overall, this is a very nice book indeed that is well laid out, nicely printed and well bound. Card College Volumes 1 – 5 Giovbi people tell us they are serious about card magic and want to know what