Vijay Tendulkar is a well-known playwright in contemporary Indian theatre along with Girish Karnad, Badal Sircar and Mohan Rakesh. His Kamala is a gyno-. Abstract: Vijay Tendulkar is a well-known playwright in contemporary Indian theatre. He reminds us other playwrights such as Girish Karnad, Badal Sircar and . This research study is based on the play “Kamala” written by Vijay Tendulkar as he was also a journalist. He observed the inside of this institution and unveils.

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You have to bring something more sensational, more explosive. Kamala feels uneasiness and does want to attend the press conference, first he tempts her of food and drink but Kamala is not agree to go, he changes his attitude like a god as he is his master who has given her shelter and food.

Jan 30, Diya Gangopadhyay rated it liked it. He is a little bit of crazy and upset. He does not buy Kamala to rescue her from the cruel system. Nikhil Baisane rated it it was ok Nov 08, It was to drag this criminal sale of human beings into the day of light. They are ill treated and tortured by their husbands.

Perhaps the author wanted to portray slavery of the mind, which even in the wake of reason cannot come out of its shackles.


Like any avid journalist, he travels to the village, followed by really buying a girl named Kamla Deepti Naval and takes her to his home in Delhi. Why are not women ever the master?

A dramatic reading from Kamla by Vijay Tendulkar – Events – Sundaram Tagore Gallery

She asks that if her master has some land, she is ready to work from dawn to dusk in fields. And I’ll pay whatever price I have to pay akmala it. This page was last edited on 20 Octoberat I turned the whole world upside down to find this bazaar.

Where from they had been brought?

Now he has to face all calamities aftermath of the tamasha of the Press Conference. She does not want to go to the feast as her clothes are dirty but Jaisingh asserts: Sarita is a new and fresh voice to bring the woman of the society back on the track where two lines go side by side.

People come from long distances to make their bid. Editorial – Dr M.

A Critical Analysis of Vijay Tendulkar’s Kamala : Dr Beena a Mahida :

But Sarita goes on speaking to unfold this journalist who is her husband. Dec 31, Shinrinyoku rated it did not vimay it Shelves: Two acts without scenes.

See the scene; Jain: This thing annoys Jaisingh. See how we will blast out this shameful affair. Every official has knowledge knows about the facts but due to the fear and shared bargain, no one is willing to sacrifice. Discuss that, comment on it. She asks me, was you brought or were you hired?


A Critical Analysis of Vijay Tendulkar’s Kamala

And she did follow the poor thing. The play offers Tendulkar enough scope to scoff at the kind of trendy journalism practiced by Jadhav, and also to strike a contrast between vernacular and English journalism. Existentialism is a theme in which meaninglessness and nothingness play a major part. But she could not understand the ground realities.

For this, he uses Kakasaheb, a journalist tfndulkar the old school, who runs a small paper with his own resources. It exploits the masses and misguides them towards destruction as such like journalism is harmful for the integrity of the state. He observed the inside of this institution and unveils the inner side of a journalist who uses innocent people for his name and fame. One fellow stares at her through his glasses and asks her-asks her, what are the important social questions in your area?