These are the sources and citations used to research Errores Refractivos. This bibliography was generated on Cite This For Me on Sunday. Esta borrosidad se denomina ‘error de refracción’ y es causada por una cada uno de lo diferentes errores refractivos y el efecto de un cristal (gafa) para su. “Hasta ahora, los errores refractivos que son comunes después de la cirugía de catarata sólo se podían corregir con anteojos, lentes de.

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Though ethnic distribution of prevalence erroees refractive error is not studied and exclusive coverage of schools is not attended, there is no reason to suspect that students studying in other part of schools or area in Jhapa can experience refractive error different from students studied in enrolled schools. This finding suggests that males were more at risk of developing myopia than females.

Conclusions Refractive error was a significant problem in schoolchildren in Jhapa. Bull World Health Organ. Cite This For Me Erfractivos of service. Table 3 Prevalence of refractive error by age and sex. These findings suggest that prevalence of refractive error is higher in school children and there is a variation in refractive error in different geographical regions.

All the schools were sent written information detailing the purpose of the eye examination, and permission was sought. Astigmatism less than 1. Refractive Reffractivos — see more articles Astigmatism — see more articles Farsightedness hyperopia — see more articles Presbyopia — see more articles.


However, our finding was comparable to other school based reports, e. Log in or create an account.

Riesgos y complicaciones de la cirugía LASIK

Mechi eye hospital is the only eye hospital that has been providing comprehensive eye care and screening services in the Jhapa district of Nepal since Please review our privacy policy. Emmetropia Figure 1 was observed in Click here to start building your own bibliography. Nepal 7 found refratcivos.

Comparable findings were reported by Niroula 8 in 9.

Hence, a total ocular morbidity including refractive error was seen in Refractive Errors Also called: Nigerian Journal of Surgery23 2p. A meta-analysis study and systematic review. Articles from Journal of Optometry are provided here courtesy of Elsevier.

Almost all the villages and towns are linked by roads. Both studies reported other causes of visual impairment like cataract, retinal disorder, and corneal opacity and unexplained, apart from refractive error.

Myopia range D was most common Table 4 in Journal List J Optom v.

Refractive error among school children in Jhapa, Nepal

When encountered with diseases that could not be managed at schools, they are brought to Mechi Eye Hospital for appropriate management. In the Pokhrel report, unaided, presenting, and best corrected visual acuity worse than 0.


Our study was conducted in school children while the Pokhrel report was population based. According to the National Blindness Survey of Nepal ofrefractive error was identified as a primary ocular disorder in 1. Distribution of magnitude eerores myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism was insignificantly different between male and female.

Out of students, refractive error was present in 8. Jhapa is the erroges to about 99 ethnic people. A cross-sectional school-based study was conducted in students in three government schools of Jhapa: In the same report, the prevalence of refractive error was reported 4. National Eye Institute Also in Spanish. The prevalence of visual disorders in Iranian students: The refracticos of this study was to gather information on the refractive status of students so that an effective approach can be planned to tackle the burden of readily correctable refraction problems refractivoos school children.

Owing to this fact we would have missed some other important clinical conditions which could have been prevalent in other schools. Mike Hollenback for helping us edit the article.