Buddhist socialism is a political ideology which advocates socialism based on the principles of Buddhadasa Bhikku coined the phrase “Dhammic socialism”. Richard King teases out the links between Marxism, Buddhism and socialism. The Dalai Lama and Marxism Dhammic Socialism according to. Buddhadasa Bhikkhu’s notion of “dhammic socialism” is an interesting use of the Buddhist teachings and the term socialism. Simply put, his socialism amounts.

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Eliminating such selfishness is the task of siladhamma, religion, and Dhammic Socialism.

Socia,ism Ajarn was fond of defining words in his own way and we misunderstand him if we do not realize this. Just like there is Christian socialism as a system of ideas in Christianity, there must be also Buddhist socialism in Buddhism.

Buddhist socialism

Socialism is the perspective and orientation that takes the good of society as a whole as central, rather than one’s personal, individualistic good as all important. For engaged buddhists, socialism must be rooted in and guided by Dhamma.

In other words, our Socialism must be moral, rooted in siladhamma morality, normalcy. He uses this image in his Spiritual Theatre to illustrate how the mind works Commercial interests are already doing their damndest to milk online community for kilesa driven profits. By providing access to everything, immediately, the net brings us to face the lack of spiritual sustenance in shallow materialism. Dhamnic fostering a sense of interdependence, and deemphasizing ego, the Internet encourages generosity.


One can not get much further from the ground than being online. For anything to succeed in this natural world it must harmonize with, be in line with Dhamma, follow from and serve, the Law of Nature.

An immediate, and Buddhistic effect of such a project would be ego loss – niyama, “acting in terms of or in relationship to the whole rather than as an isolated entity. By contrasting the moral underpinnings of Dhammic Socialism with the structure and ethic of online community, we can see the interplay slcialism ideals between geeks and Buddhadasa. Because each Internet-empowered person is the primary agent of their own truth seeking, with the wealth of the world’s knowledge at their fingertips, there is enormous potential for self-awakening, and resulting social service: In a conscious, interconnected ecology, “no one part should consume more than its share of resources.

Together they comprise his antidote to the soul sickness of our wicked world, characterized by exploitative development of the natural world and media perpetuated consumer alienation borne of excessive material hunger, resulting in a sense of self that deliberately threatens community survival. I have gotten a lot of mileage out of this class – contemporary Buddhist social activists like Buddhadasa, Ariyaratna, the Dalai Lama fhammic, Thich Nhat Han h corroborate my suspicions that a beautiful future can and should be built on trust and compassion and strength of personal virtue.

The structure inherent in the Web encourages sharing; of attention, of credit, of history. Of all the modern economic theories, the economic system of Marxism is founded on moral principles, while capitalism is concerned only with gain and profitability.


However, the individual’s purpose in life is not merely its own pleasure or success. A webbed up version of this document is available at: You can’t smell body odour over the wires, let alone procreate.

Content demands context – where did you get that from, and what else is there? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. We do not want a Socialism that is primarily materialistic or economic.

People who have been described as Buddhist socialists include Buddhadasa Bhikkhu[2] [3] B. This page was last edited on 11 Octoberat This is an essential truth, ” First International International Workingmen’s Association. June 7, at 9: Just yesterday the old Gray Lady noted ” In his Socialksm Socialism, Buddhadasa outlines his vision for a society unified under Buddhist Dhammic principles.

Buddhist socialism – Wikipedia

Soialism Dhamma does not concoct dualities likes “personal-social” or “worldly-spiritual. The power of wide-spread, instantaneous communication has the potential to awaken our sense of global interconnectedness, that we may see ” Market socialism Lange model Mutualism.

It is my hope that in the end people everywhere might work together in harmony, no matter what their nationality, language, or religion might be. Buddhism portal Socialism portal.