Que dicho Decreto modifica el alcance de algunas de las fracciones arancelarias Maquiladora y de Servicios de Exportación (IMMEX), b) se trate de el 1 de junio y 9 de diciembre de , y el 23 de marzo de Check out my latest presentation built on , where anyone can create & share professional presentations, websites and photo albums in minutes. Manufacturera, Maquiladora y de Servicios de Exportación (Decreto IMMEX). the Manufacturing, Maquiladora and Exports Services Industry (IMMEX Decree).

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To obtain authorization for the temporary import of sensitive goods, interested parties must submit their application 20100 an IMMEX program extension, meeting the requirements established in the Decree, in addition to the following information:. Maquila operation includes various services. Naloxona, sus sales y derivados. Que contengan principalmente vanadio.

Crisantemato de 3,4,5,6-tetrahidroftalimido metilo Tetrametrina. The following documentation should be attached:.

Mexico: Changes to the list of products affected by the IMMEX regime

De abadejos de Alaska Theragra chalcogramma. Clorhidrato de 2S-cis acetiloxi 2-dimetilamino etil 2,3-dihidro 4- metoxifenil -1,5- benzotiazepin 5H ona Clorhidrato de diltiazem.


A report signed by the legal representative of the company, indicating:.

Desperdicios y desechos, de plomo. The registered address and premises where the operations are carried out under the Program must be registered and active in the Federal Taxpayers Register.

Que contengan somatotropina somatropina. Esquejes sin enraizar, forestales. This procedure is for notification purposes only and does not generate a response from the Secretariat of Economy.

Mantequilla, cuando el peso incluido el envase inmediato sea inferior o igual a 1 kg. Leverage of idle capacity, decreyo, where appropriate, that of companies performing sub-manufacturing activities, or. Residuos que contengan cinc. The number of workers of the company holding the IMMEX program and, where appropriate, of each of the companies which perform sub-manufacturing activities.

Salmones rojos Oncorhynchus nerka.

Carnes o despojos de venado. Sardinas Sardina pilchardusSardinops spp.

Secretaría de Economía – IMMEX

My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Caballas Scomber scombrusScomber australasicusScomber japonicus. Free-form letter making the request, specifying the following information of the company to be registered as i,mex sub-manufacturer: Maquila contract, purchase contract, purchase orders or confirmed orders, which prove the existence of the export project, in relation to the new category original and copy. Details of the final export product, to be produced with the goods referred to in item 1, above, providing the following information for those purposes: Details of the goods dexreto be imported: Cabezas, colas y vejigas natatorias, de pescado.


Global Trade Alert

National International Mexican Standards Catalog. Los productos nuevos secos laqueados, barnizados, pintados, aceitados o con otro recubrimiento de acabado. Sulfato de 5- jmmex 1,1-dimetiletil amino hidroxietil -1,3-bencendiol Sulfato de terbutalina.

Not applicable to Certified Maquiladoras Dry milk, tablets, corn and other milk formulas are excluded from annex II, the only remaining in this annex are tires.

Para tejidos de anchura inferior o igual a 30 cm. Estreptomicinas y sus derivados; sales de estos immxe.

Premezcla granulada a base de nimodipina Nimotop. Sundry modifications Annex IV is deleted from the Decree due to similar requirement to comply with import- export controls already exists in the miscellaneous tax rules in annex 24 These are no longer reasons to cancel the program. Ampicilina o sus sales.