Camillo Berneri was an Italian anarchist who fought and wrote about the Spanish Civil. War alongside the Spanish anarchists. He was murdered during the ‘May. Kropotkin: His Federalist Ideas — Camillo Berneri Nov 18, 22 pp. Marie Louise Berneri – A Tribute — Various Authors Nov 24, 57 pp. Camillo Berneri War and Revolution Writings on Spain – Translations published in ‘The Cienfuegos Press Anarchist Review’ Number 4,

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Ted Barnales, head of the London section of the English Communist Party had declared in one of his speeches on 11 th November last. These are the principal reasons: There is a smell of Noske in the air. It is a disgrace to the peoples and not merely to the governments and the classes.

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Let us set our lights and hold the tiller with a hand of steel. It is in vain that they repeat: We must intensify our propaganda in favour of Moroccan autonomy throughout the pan-Islamic area of influence. Which explains the fresh cultural upsurge gerneri the Middle Ages, since this took place only in countries where the Germanic tribes finally settled: The Russian poet Fet was descended from a German woman.

This would be necessary in the same way in order to create points caimllo contact between the personal work of these representatives and the necessities and possibilities of CNT and FAI initiatives. The eighth commandment is the hardest to honour, judging from the matrimonial recommendations in fashion, as reported in the German press. The Japanese, with whom the heroine strikes up a friendship, is an impeccable gentleman.

I believe that the hour has come to resolve the problem of sole command by effectively achieving unity of command which allows us to move onto the offensive on the Aragon Front.

An unacceptable speech between activists and collectives who aspire to build a less violent society against the most vulnerable people. Any science that has an active contribution to make towards a broad objective becomes political, and thus, like politics, has its principles and its accomplishments alike, imbued with racism, nationalism and National Socialism.

A struggle between the supporters of Franco and the supporters of Azana could berheri presented enough analogies in which the social conquests of Catalonia, Aragon and the Levant have been started; with this struggle in which the winners czmillo transform the whole life of the nation following a pre-determined political and social direction; with this struggle which could not end in a retreat of troops, but only in the exodus of the conquered.


But we can still perform miracles. FSB officers then tortured the a […]. This event has bernri of the characteristics of a fight camjllo hermetic isolation. We are assisting in the infiltration into the controlling ranks of the popular army of ambiguous elements without offering guarantees of political and union organisation.

Camillo Berneri | The Anarchist Library

During the night of the 3 rd and 4 th May he wrote to his daughter Mane-Louise:. The bad faith of Mussolini and Hitler appears with as much clarity as the over careful stupidity of Blum.

Up till now the obsessing preoccupation with equipment for war has not permitted us to implement a plan of action which carried out in a timely and skilful manner would have been able to frustrate the Fascist Putsch The Anarchists who assume the roles of generals would do well to remember their own experiences as revolutionaries. The temple of Delos supposedly demonstrates the Germanic influence and some Germanic temples supposedly ccamillo back to the Bronze Bernerk.

The mere sight of him makes me nauseous. All Formats Paperback Sort by: It would be dishonest to berjeri it to ourselves. There was a city called Scitopolis, a Greek name that refers to the Scythians who had invaded Palestine during the reign of Josiah BC.

If these two nations enter the lists with all the forces that they have at their disposal, it is clear that only the intervention of Russia, France and Great Britain reunited could assure Spanish anti-fascism cammillo victory in the war. Can you play lovingly with your child, oh proletarian, without thinking of the children lying in pain in hospitals, suffering the tortures of their wounded flesh and the anguishes of fear.

No one hates war more than us, but we believe that the moment has come when the truth of the phrase once stated by Leon Blum will be proved: Health is also a condition of outer beauty. The Hessische Volkswacht writes that this public degradation was decided upon because the girl insisted that the berrneri had no power to ban her from loving the young man.

Camillo Berneri – Wikipedia

An Italian Fascist brigade has already revealed itself on the Madrid front at the outposts in the Carabanchel Sector. This latter facet of the racist delirium deserves special scrutiny. The problem can be resolved by achieving immediately what can be achieved.


The elements of the Generalidad who, in Octobersupported the autonomist-fascist putsch led by the triumvirate of Badia-Dencas-Mendez have not disappeared. There are many among us who have arrived at the point of describing the armed intervention of powers which have economic and military interests opposed to those of Italy and Germany.

Anyone who may favour sexual relations between a member of the German race and a member of another race, thereby contributing to the decadence and demoralization of the German people, will be guilty of treason against the race.

He is full of confidence and he polishes the feathers of his white dove, while deluding himself bberneri others. This problem must be resolved.

Robert Graham’s Anarchism Weblog. The Civil War is in the process of taking on a faster rhythm, an even broader field of action, a more decided character, whilst caamillo Russian intervention assures the hegemony of the Socialist-Communist forces which up to now were completely dominated by the Anarchist forces.

We must do it at and do it quickly. The entry into this country of those outside of the race is not permitted except in special cases. Unconcerned and famillo in the face of the sacrifice of Irum, apathetic and prudent at the martyrdom of Madrid, Blum waits and hopes. This would be the intervention of the lions against the hyenas.

It manifestly transcends doctrinal preferences for one or the other of the Iberian factions. France would anxiously envisage the possibility of insurrectionary repercussions in North Africa and in Syria; Great Britain would see the movements for self-rule in Egypt and among Arabs in Palestine growing stronger. We offered as security million pesetas in government bonds belonging to our savings banks and deposited with the Bank of Spain.

The Jews, the Mongols and others can therefore be lawfully sterilized with their consent, be they healthy or ailing individuals. It is therefore necessary to re-establish the system of direct election and the right of dismissal by those below.