Iqbal tried to invoke in the Muslims a collective ego, beyond the ego of the self, that could enable a collection of men as large as 70 million to. Allahabad Address []. Muslim leaders at Allahabad, ` Allama Iqbal defined the Muslims of India as a nation and suggested that there could be no. Allama Iqbal Address on at Allahabad. Importance In his Presidential Address, Allama labal said: ”I would like to see the Punjab.

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This percentage does not take into account nearly 6, combatants supplied to the Indian Army by the North-West Frontier Province and Baluchistan. On the other, the British government in India had totally ignored the Muslim demands in the Simon Commission report.

He knew exactly where to draw a line between statehood and Islam. In Iqbal delivered the Presidential Address the Allahabad Address, before address Iqbal also delivered landmark lectures on Islam in and in AligarhHyderabad and Madras. Because Iqbal’s address eye-plot was based on Islam. By leaders I mean men who, by Divine gift or experience, possess a keen perception of the spirit and destiny of Islam, along with an equally keen perception of the trend of modern history.

Their behaviour is not at all determined by a common race-consciousness.

Analyzing the , Allahabad Address, Allama Iqbal –

To this time and even later, the Muslims were pushing only for separate electorates for Muslims according to their population in any province, so that they would eventually form governments in the Muslim majority provinces. Without partition, establishment of iqbbal and order in this land is impossible; nevertheless they can pass their lives with peace.


There were allsma pitfalls into which Muslim political leaders fell. This is a matter which at the present moment directly concerns the Muslims of India.

He envisaged autonomous Muslim provinces in India. For this precise reason, the Muslims of India were struggling for the right of separate electorates from the beginning, and were not compromising to be just another one allahaabad the numerous Indian communities that had superficially merged in the homogeneity of Hindu India.

Analyzing the 1930, Allahabad Address, Allama Iqbal

So, the question for Muslims was why axdress decline and degeneration have set in among the Muslims. The proposition that religion is a private individual experience is not surprising on the lips of a European. India is a land of racial and religious variety.

Then the industrial; revolution, development of science and technology became a preserve of the European nations. Iiqbal is the Minorities Sub-Committee likely to reach a satisfactory settlement. The principle of European democracy cannot be applied to India without recognizing the fact of communal groups. On one hand, the Hindus offered a tough opposition by proposing the Nehru report as the ultimate constitution for India. Islam and Nationalism in Late Colonial India. Pass from matter to spirit.

India is a continent of human groups belonging to the different races, speaking different languages, and professing different religions. And since 70 millions of Muslims in a single country constitute a far more valuable asset to Islam than all the countries of Muslim Asia put together, we must look at the Indian iqbao not only from the Muslim point of view, but also from the standpoint of the Indian Muslim as such.

Whether Islam will assimilate and transform it as it has before assimilated and transformed many ideas expressive of a different spirit, or allow a radical transformation of its own structure by the force of this idea, is hard to predict.


Personally I do not feel optimistic aallahabad to the results of this Conference. But sectional bickerings in religion do not do much harm to our solidarity. They were ignored in every field of life, especially in education and government. And I have no doubt aedress this House will emphatically endorse the Muslim demands embodied in this resolution.

And as far as I have been able to read the Muslim mind, I have no hesitation in declaring that if the principle addreess the Indian Muslim is entitled to full and free development on the lines of his own culture and tradition in his own Indian home-lands is recognized as the basis of a permanent communal settlement, he will be ready to stake his all for the freedom of India.

History of Pakistan timeline: That is why at rather a late stage it was announced that the participation of the Indian Princes in the 193 Table Conference was essential. Allahabad Addresshistoryhistorypakpakistan.

In India, as elsewhere, the structure of Islam as a society is almost entirely due to the working of Islam as a culture inspired by a specific ethical ideal.

If today you focus your vision on Islam and seek inspiration from the ever-vitalising idea embodied in it, you will be only reassembling your scattered forces, regaining your lost integrity, and thereby allahabaf yourself from total destruction. And the Report does recommend both.